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Harlee Civil Process provides affordable and effective service of process throughout the state of Texas. All of our process servers are professional, reliable, and diligent in everything they do. As a part of your service, we deliver status updates, prompt proof of service, and offer 24/7 availability.

Harlee Civil Process is a member of NAPPS, TPSA, and the Killeen Process Servers. Through industry seminars, webinars, blogs, and conferences, we maintain our high level of current education and experience. Call us today to experience the difference in customer service.


Process Service: Professional and fast service of subpoenas, writs, notices, and other legal documents for attorneys and private individuals throughout the United States.

Court and Municipal Filings: Any and all necessary documentation reviewed and filed with local, state, or federal courts. We also provide electronic filing assistance as needed.

Courier Service: Same-day, secure delivery of documents in Killeen and throughout Bell County.

Records Research and Retrieval: Local, state, and federal records, DMV databases, bankruptcy records, real estate titles, and asset searches. Provide physical or electronic evidence for litigation or civil court cases.

Public Notary: Witness, affirmation, and notarized signatures in our office or in yours.

Surveillance: Investigation and legal photographic evidence associated with persons locate, service of process, employment, or background checks.

Killeen Process Servers

Harlee Civil Process provides service of process and other legal assistance services out of our Killeen office. All of our process servers are certified and educated on Texas Rules of Civil Procedure and will legally and quickly serve your subpoenas, writs, summons and complaints, and notices.

Our Killen process servers offer services in Waco, Georgetown, Austin, Hillsboro, Temple, and the surrounding areas. We are thoroughly knowledgeable about the geography and people in the area, giving us the edge against other process serving companies.

San Antonio Process Servers

Harlee Civil Process has an office in San Antonio that provides process servers for Bexar County. Out of this office, we provide service of subpoenas, writs, notices, and all other legal documents, as well as local court filing, courier services, mobile notary, and surveillance as necessary for service. Call to ask about ordering services from our San Antonio Office

Midwest City Process Servers

Our Oklahoma office can serve your legal documents through regular or rush service, and we are experienced in finding evasive people around Midwest City and throughout Oklahoma State.

El Paso Process Servers

From our office in El Paso we serve the entire El Paso County area and most of West Texas. In this remote area, it is important to hire a process server who can really find your defendant and get the job done. We truly do serve the corners of Texas!

It is important to hire a Texas process server who is familiar with the laws and regulations surrounding service of process in the area where the defendant resides. Harlee Civil Process not only knows the laws, but also law enforcement and the geography of Killeen, San Antonio, El Paso, much of the rest of Texas, and Oklahoma. Our clients enjoy that we facilitate service so that they can avoid delays or additional court fees.

Florida Process Servers

We recently opened an office in Orlando, Florida, too! Even though the business location is new, our employees are very experienced with service of process in Florida and are well equipped to navigate the busy streets of Orlando and the surrounding areas to serve your legal documents. Call to ask about service area.


(254) 458-4210
(877) 321-5575
Services Available 24/7

Office Hours

(254) 449-7777
9am-5pm: Monday-Friday

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Service of Process- Local

  • Regular Service-$75
  • Rush Service-Add $20
  • Additional Paper-$30
  • Extended 106-$25
  • Certified Mail-$65+Postage

Statewide Process Service

  • Regular Service-$85
  • Rush Service-Add $30
  • Additional Paper-$30
  • Extended 106-$25
  • Certified Mail-$65+Postage

Skip Trace

  • Regular-$100
  • Rush-$125
  • Service attempted within 48 Hours
  • Rush service attempted within 24 hours
  • Results provided within 24 Hours of receipt of request
  • Rates vary based on urgency and distance
  • Volume discounts for attorney firms

Our Pledge to All of our Clients

  • No maximum attempts at service!
  • No hidden charges!
  • Service attempts continue until it is apparent that the property is unoccupied or the subject is avoiding.

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